Top 10 Best Earphones under 1000

Top 10 Best Earphones under 1000

Best Earphones under Rs.1000  Earphones are undoubtedly one of the most important daily gadgets no matter who you are either you be a sports person, daily job person or just a student. Finding a perfect earphone can be a headache given that most earphones don’t usually last long according to our expectations and if they by chance last long maybe you aren’t impressed by their sound quality. So your search ends here because we have saved you of a headache and we bring you some of the best earphones under 1000 having excellent sound as well as without any compromise with build quality in this tight budget. If your budget is upto 2000 I will recommend you to go for wireless earphones  . As they are more likely to match today’s trend . also the wired-earphones get messed up and get damaged easily .

1. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones.

jbl cs100 Best Earphones under Rs.1000 The first one we have here on the list is JBL and when it comes to anything related to Music like speakers, headphones or earphones everyone knows that JBL can be trusted as well as no doubt can be made on its quality.

  • The JBL C100SI features 3 color options that are 1. Black 2 .White and 3. Red.
  •  It also feature Mic and also it gives us 3 different size options (S,M,L).The wire is 1.2m long for better usage and it gives 1 button interaction for easy and convenient launch of Google assistant, Siri or to pick up and decline calls.
  • These JBL earphones also come with 1 year brand warranty so you do get it all covered. The supported devices are iOS, Android as well as Windows or any other AUX supported devices, for seamless connectivity.

Hence wrapping it up for this product this are highly recommended for daily usage, gaming as well as for content absorption. Just go for it and you won’t be disappointed.

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2. Sony MDR-EX150AP (In-Ear)

When it comes to Sony there’s no doubt you can definitely trust it. The Sony MDR-EX150AP are one of the best  earphones under Rs.1000.

  • These awesome earphones come in 6 different vivid colors that are Black, Deep Blue, Red, Pink, Light Blue and White and not only are super handy but also extremely lightweight.
  • These earphones boast secure fitting high quality silicone earbuds for long listening sessions. It features an excellent quality Mic and has 9mm driver for powerful yet balanced sound as well as deep bass.
  •  You not only get a wire manager but also the premium quality cord ensures that your earphones stay tangle free. An excellent quality Mic is build and it has shiny metallic finish to give you an edge above everyone. The package also includes 3 different sized buds for best Fit
  • That’s not it, an excellent unbeaten edge is that Sony has an Smart key app that enables you to use the smart key as desired you can change the settings to use the button for next song or to play/ pause. As well as you can choose it for call purposes and also to wake the assistant. This app runs on all versions of Android form Android 4.0.

This can be your best pick if your Budget is little higher then undoubtedly just go for it.

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3. Mi Dual Driver Wired Headset (in-ear)

3rd Best Earphones under Rs.1000

best earphone under 1000 The next choice we have picked for you is Mi earphones. This earphones feature excellent build as well as sound quality but a little behind due to NOT having as good sweat and water resistant as it has in the JBL C100SI earphones but that doesn’t stop it from being good is also one of the Best Earphones under Rs.1000
  • The Mi earphones come in 2 colors that are Black and Blue and also in 3 sizes (S,M,L). It features dual dynamic drivers one of 10mm and 2nd of 8mm, for giving you up to notch experience.
  • This earphones also feature passive noise cancellation and Magnetic earbuds to keep them together easily and speaking of convenience this earphones come with braided cable ensuring that you get them straight and not all tangled up like most other earphones.
  • These earphones have a good quality Mic and the control buttons for music are play, pause, next, previous, volume up/down as well as for call control we have pick up/end call, mute and volume up/down.
  • Now speaking of connectivity this earphones would work best with Android based devices as well as the connecter is L-shaped so you can rely on it long life and better positing.
The Mi earphones come with upto 6 Months of Brand warranty.  This won’t disappoint you for sure. Check Price

4. Realme buds 2 (in-ear)

The next best earphones in this price segment are Realme buds 2. Realme is no.1 emerging brand and always strives to give you something of best quality.
  • These earphones come with 11.2mm driver and hence gives you unparallel sound quality. The Realme buds 2 come in 3 different attractive colors that are Black, Red and Green.
  •  Its 11.2mm driver ensures deep bass as well as they have a magnetic back to keep them sorted. The Realme buds 2 boast tangle free cord as well as provide you cable organiser.
  • These earphones not only have a good quality Mic but also feature 3 button controls. They are Volume up/down and a button to pick/decline calls or to wake up Google assistant to solve your queries or to get things done hands free.
  • Realme buds provide you 6 months brand warranty. Speaking about different sizes Realme hasn’t included 3 different sizes for earpiece. It only gets you a default setup.
If you want really good earphones at low cost then Realme buds 2 are definitely your pick. Check Price

5. Boat BassHeads 220 Super Extra Bass Wired Headset (In-ear)

5th Best Earphones under Rs.1000

In this lineup the next best earphones for you are these Boat earphones. While Realme is a emerging brand for sure but in Smartphone industry not in earphones. But Boat is a very well know brand in industry of music and it often comes with great products. Same is the case with these Boat Bassheads 220 earphones.
  • These earphones come in 6 different colors that are Black, Blue, Frosty white, Molten orange, Neon lime and Red.
  • This earphone boasts 10mm excellent quality drivers to ensure not only best music experience for you but also a deep bass for bass lovers.
  • In these earphones Boat has given a flatwire which ensures that you always find your earphones tangle free, even if kept in your pocket.
  •  Here you get a single universal button that not only helps you to pick your calls but also helps you wake assistant.
  • These earphones provide a good quality Mic and is at an appropriate length.
  • The warranty you get on this product is 1 year replacement warranty i.e. if anything occurs within one year you could easily replace them.
  • The package comes with one small and one large earbuds to ensure you a good fit.
Wrapping this up here Check Price

6. Boat Bassheads 900 Wired Headset (on the ear)

6th Best Earphones under Rs.1000

The next Earphones selected for you are the new Boat Bassheads 900. These earphones are on the ear and totally surround your ears hence giving you an excellent passive noise cancellation.
  • These earphones come in 2 different colors that are stylish Carbon Black and also Pearl White. Boat has takes extra effort here to ensure you deep bass without compromising your comfort.
  •  If you are a gamer and you usually do gaming for long time and want excellent quality earphones with comfort at tight budget then this are the best pick for you.
  • Boat has given a good quality Mic usually not found in “on the ear” earphones in this price range.
  • You get a universal button to pick/decline calls, you not only get 1 year Brand warranty but also they are collapsible so that you can carry them easily with you in the bag pack while travelling.
  • Also this earphones sweat proof.
So if you prefer big earphones which cover whole ears and want them to be of excellent quality but in lowest price possible then this are best for you. Check Price

7. Boat Bassheads 242 Wired Headset (In-Ear)

A great another product of excellent quality by Boat are these Boat Bassheads 242.
  • These earphones come in 4 different lively colors that are Black, Blue, Orange and White.
  •  This earphones come with not only tangle free cable but also provide you an excellent secure fit ear hooks so that your earphones stay fit in your ears no matter what you are doing. Hence making these earphones an excellent choice for sports players.
  • They also come with an IPX4 Sweat and water resistance rating to ensure prolonged life.
  • These earphones boasts 10mm driver for decent quality music and come with a good quality Mic.
  • The service is for 1 year since the date of purchase instead of usual replacement warranty but as its said you can’t get everything best.
These earphones can be an excellent choice if used correctly. Check Price

8. Boat Bassheads 172 wired Headset (In-ear)

Boat seems to be taking most of the market in this price segment by delivering excellent quality products on after the other.
  • These Bassheads 172 earphones come in 3 different colors that are Black, Blue as well as Red. These earphones provide deep bass and excellent sound quality with any compromise.
  • `The cord used is flatwire that ensures tangle free earphones at any given time.
  • This earphones lack water and sweat resistance but if you are a home user then this won’t bother you for sure.
  • These earphones give you partial noise cancellation and ensures good quality Stereo sound. This earphones also comes with a good quality Mic.
  • These earphones are best not only for listening to music but also for mobile gaming in this price segment.
  • You get 1 year of Brand warranty which excludes water and Physical damage but there’s nothing to complain about in this low price, if you go for it they won’t disappoint you for once
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9. Sony ZX110A Wired Headset (On the Ear)

best earphones under 1000 Another Great Product by Sony is Sony ZX110A.
  • This headset comes in White color and has excellent sound as well as build quality.
  • The cord used is flatwire hence ensuring that you always find this headset in goo tangle free condition and you don’t have to spend few minutes killing your mood in making the wire tangle free.
  • The driver that we get is 30mm driver but you’ll have to sacrifice deep bass and water resistance as well as Mic. Yet you get a Well balanced sound quality and the earpiece are foldable/collapsible keeping in mind about the on the go users.
  • It’s specially designed lightweight so that it’s easy to carry around.
  • The cord length is 1.2m and the impendence is 2ohm. The good side is that you can easily use this headset with your PC or Laptops having a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • You get 1 year brand warranty and don’t worry even if some things are sacrificed you’ll get excellent sound quality and long life cords.
These headsets can be your pick if you are into Surrounded headsets. Check Price

10.  Sennheiser CX 180 Street II in-Ear Headphone (In-Ear)

sennheiser The next product that we have choosed for you is Sennheiser CX 180 Street II earphones.
  • These earphones come in a color combination of Silver and Black. The earphones are equipped with Powerful bass driven sound technology giving a good stereo sound.
  • But a lack of Mic as well as a universal button has made these earphones to come down in this list. Yet an excellent sound quality makes up for this loss and gives you a kind of noise cancellation feel. The cord is lightweight and of good material.
  • These earphones boast about being heavily optimized not only for MP3 players but also for iPods, iPhones, CD players and portable gaming systems.
  • Yet a good thing is that you get an L-shaped connecter pin so that you can fit it comfortably and use as convenient.
If you don’t usually use Mic of the earphones and have little to no use of the button provided on earphones you can go for it. Check Price So this was the list of Top 10 best earphones under 1000 . Hope u like them , leave a comment below If u like this blog post. Also mention which earphone do you like ?. We will be happy to see your response on this post. You can ask for  help. Our Team members are here to help u 24/7 .

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